“People may forget what you said,
but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou


I went to Blanche Agency in a pinch when I needed to produce the Homeboy Industries 5K Run/Walk in 2012. They helped me scope out the event and took care of all of the details from budget management to project management to execution. They paid particular attention to staying within my budget, for which I was grateful.  We pulled off a great event in a matter of six weeks!

After that, (since we didn’t have an event production dept.) with Blanche Agency, over the next four years from 2013 through 2016, we increased revenue dramatically and put on well-run, complex events with ever-larger attendance on the streets of downtown Los Angeles (approx. 1,000 in attendance in 2012 to approx. 3,500 in 2016.) Blanche also helped with on and offline marketing & event strategy.

~ Jacki Weber — Chief Development Officer, Homeboy Industries

Blanche Agency was an integral part of my companies entertainment and promotional platform. Her knowledge of the industry, her intensity to “get things done and done right” and her up front and honest attitude was exactly what we needed to get our brand off and running. She really listened to what we needed and gave it 100% every time we worked together (and we had numerous promotions successfully completed). So helpful in answering questions and did a great job of recapping in a timely manner. Lynda and Blanche Agency come highly recommended.

~ Jodi Tollefson — Director of Marketing & Visual, Vanity

Lynda helped bring creative and innovative ideas to help amplify our plans/strategies. She is very detailed and is always available to answer questions. I feel like she is always a value when I have the opportunity to work with her.

~ Bethany Beaman — Senior Account Manager, Engauge (Zone Perfect)

Lynda is one of the smartest, most creative, most diligent people I’ve ever known. She displays an incredible ability to understand the nuances of a project, to organize multi-level campaigns often much further in scope than originally intended, to provide immediate and often superior workarounds to problems and to deliver outstanding overall results. I would bring her on board any project with the knowledge that she not only produces, but also helps others produce their best. She is also a fantastic, warm, engaging and loyal person.

~ Antony Bland — Co-Owner, CandyShop Management LLC

I have worked with Blanche Agency on several projects, they are fully committed and will make anything and everything happen within a deadline. You can count on them to do what they say … 

~ Michael Holdaway — Owner, Michael Holdaway Productions

Lynda is incredibly creative and her meticulous attention to detail ensure that all of her campaigns are executed flawlessly. Her promotions always breed tangible results and in addition to being to excellent marketer Lynda is overall wonderful person!

~ Nicole Polous — President, Sideways Media

I had the absolute pleasure to work with Lynda for 2+ years. Simply said, Lynda is a talented, connected, hard working, and extremely diligent on every project she works on.

~ Brian Hirsh — VP, North America, Soundtrack Your Brand

Lynda has been a highly valued and trusted colleague for nearly ten years. Lynda is an advocate for her clients. She embodies all of the qualities we look for in a business associate.

~ Scott Meldrum — Founder, Managing Partner, 3PCollective

Lynda is so talented when it comes to branding. She has developed lasting relationships and a successful agency in Blanche. She is very tuned into new technology and a huge asset for her clients. I have worked with her on a few campaigns and consider her a great friend with whom I love to share ideas …

~ Angela Moore — Chief Storyteller, Starfish Public Relations

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace
for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ”

– Melody Beattie



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