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Increase awareness and enrollment of United Airlines' College Plus travel program and to promote United's partnership with Coca-Cola!

We developed the "Music United" Enhanced-CD and concert campaign that featured music and video interviews of emerging artists with strong college-demo appeal. The campaign also included an enter-to-win component where college students would enter-to-win online or at the events with integrated music and travel-prize prizes. The "Music United" E-CDs were distributed as a Coke gift-with-purchase program at campus cafeterias and through street teams at events on 20+ college campuses including eight campus where we produced concerts with the featured artists.

Over 250,000 E-CDs were distributed. The E-CDs delivered a 51% click-thru rate and a 33% acquisition rate resulting in a 206% increase in United's College Plus program which has been the most successful campaign for United's College Plus program to date.

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"We met through a terrific artist my company was trying to break open, and Lynda not only 'got' him and had a great promotion with United Airlines, but I found her to be one of the hardest working and most genuine people I'd met in the music (and extended) industry. She's creative and dynamic. We're still colleagues!"

– Julie Du Brow — Principal, dubroWORKS PR